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For the production of our articles we use different natural fibers.
We are specialized mainly in the production of cashmere, iconic high-quality fiber, but we have a wide range of use of other important fibers like the camel, the yak, the Alpaca and Wool.
For some particular products are also used the Silk and Cotton.


The Cashmere is one of the finest and famous natural fibers  in the world, is the result of combing
of the winter fleece of the goat Hircus.
Thanks to the soft and delicate touch this fiber has always been used for the production of fabrics and luxury accessories.
One of its main qualities is the thermoregulatory capacity that this fiber offers after the fabrication.
The main and best raw fiber producers from Mongolia and China.


The entire production of our products takes place at our headquarters in Biella, in which is dislocated the entire production line.
The artisan production allows to always have the control of product quality; also a good part of the packaging process is made by hand, such as the closure of the angle of the edges of our blankets.


As with any product made with valuable and fine wool, we must pay attention to maintenance.
We advise you to follow the washing instructions on the label (Dry Cleaning).
During the periods of inactivity we recommend storing the product inside its box and keep them in a cool and dry place.


Co.Bi. Cashmere provides the best linen shops for houses and designer studios in Italy and in the world.

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